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Progressive Flow Turbidity Filters

Excalibur Commercial EWS FSC12AG4 Progressive Flow Turbidity Filter

Excalibur Water Systems’ Progressive Flow Turbidity Filtration Systems utilize motorized no hard water bypass valves (NHWB) on the outlet of each standard filtered control valve, opening or closing water flow based on flow rate demand. 

The valves allow multiple control valves to always become a multi-tank progressive flow system with one unit online and the remaining unit(s) in stand-by or regeneration.

The progressive flow systems use a pre-determined flow rate set-point to bring online additional units to meet peak flow rate requirements. Once the flow rate set point is reached for greater than 30 seconds, the unit(s) in stand-by will be driven online. If the flow exceeds 120% of the pre-determined set point, the unit(s) will be driven online immediately to meet peak flow rate demands.

Once the peak flow rate demand decreases by 90% of the set point for greater than 1 minute, the stand-by unit(s) that were driven online will return to stand-by mode. This system configuration determines the need to regenerate based on a unit reaching zero metering capacity or day override.

Progressive Flow Turbidity Filter Products

Excalibur Water Systems Progressive Flow Turbidity Filters come in various valve sizes/flow rates. Select a flow rate and valve size that best fits your application below: 

FSC1-AG Series

FSC125-AG Series

FSC15-AG Series


FP2HF-AG Series

FP3-AG Series

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