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Commercial Dealkalizer Solutions

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Standard Engineered Solutions


The Excalibur Water Systems fully automatic high efficiency Dealkalizer reduce the alkalinity ions with a chloride cycle anion ion exchange utilizing a brine and caustic solution during the regeneration process. As water passes through the anion resin, the carbonate, bicarbonate and sulfate ions are exchanged for chloride ions reducing the alkalinity of the boiler make-up water. 


Alkalinity is a factor that most often dictates the amount of boiler blowdown. High alkalinity promotes boiler foaming and carryover and causes high amounts of boiler blow off. Natural alkalinity breaks down at boiler temperatures to form carbon dioxide causing line corrosion emitting carbonic acid and increased boiler chemical treatment. 


When alkalinity is the limiting factor affecting the amount of blowdown, a Dealkalizer will increase the cycles of concentrations and reduce blowdown and operating costs. The reduction of blowdown keeps the water treatment chemicals in the boiler longer, minimizing the amount of chemicals required for efficient noncorrosive operation. 

Commercial Applications for Dealkalizers

EXCALIBUR WATER SYSTEMS provides standard engineering solutions for the following commercial applications:

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