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Commercial Water Softening, Filtration, and Purification Solutions

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Advanced high-efficiency standard engineered designs for all commercial applications.


Commercial Water Softening Solutions

Excalibur commercial SD1210 water softener
Standard Engineered Solutions


Water Softeners for the reduction of hard water (calcium and magnesium). 


Hard water contains large amounts of calcium and magnesium – two minerals that cause scale build-up inside piping systems, boilers and hot water tanks, shortening the life on all equipment. The hard water/scale causes inefficiencies and increases costs in the operation of all equipment that uses water in its process. 


Water Softening process for exchanging undesirable scaling ions (calcium and magnesium) for desirable non-scaling ions (sodium). The process is accomplished through ion exchange utilizing cation exchange water softening resin. 

Commercial Applications for Water Softening

EXCALIBUR WATER SYSTEMS provides standard engineering solutions for the following commercial applications:

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