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Advanced high-efficiency standard engineered designs for all commercial applications.


Commercial Water Filtration Systems

Excalibur Water Systems commercial filtration systems utilize standard control valves and specific medias to target problem water applications.

We offer Simplex, Duplex Alternating, and Progressive Flow with system controller for commercial surface or well water applications for chemicals, chlorine, chloramines, total organic carbon, turbidity, and iron, sulphur & manganese filtration.

Based on detailed water analysis, job-specific and commercial usage, and data information, these systems utilize standard engineering for sizing and flow demand with the potential for pre-oxidization when dealing with iron, sulphur, or manganese applications.

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Excalibur commercial duplex chemical removal filter

Commercial Chemical Removal Filters

Excalibur Water Systems’ chemical removal filtration for commercial applications ranges from 1″ to 3″, offering simplex, duplex alternating, and progressive flow models for all chemical-free water filtration requirements. 

Excalibur Commercial Duplex Progressive Iron, Sulphur, and Manganese Filter

Commercial Iron, Sulphur, and Manganese Filters

Excalibur Water Systems Iron, Sulphur, and Manganese filtration for commercial applications range from 1” to 3”, offering simplex, duplex alternating, and progressive flow models for all iron, sulphur, and manganese water filtration required applications. 

Excalibur Commercial Duplex Progressive Turbidity Filter

Commercial Turbidity Filters

Excalibur Water Systems offers turbidity filtration for commercial applications with standard-engineered designs delivering turbidity-free filtered water for your process. 

Excalibur Commercial Simplex Cooling Tower Side Stream Filter

Commercial Cooling Tower Side Stream Filters

Excalibur Water Systems offers proven industry-known cooling tower side stream turbidity filters for your commercial cooling tower operation applications. We offer turbidity filtration in simplex or multi-tank models and designs with user-friendly electronics and trouble-free operation. 

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