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Commercial Soft-Tec® Scale Control Systems


Excalibur Commercial Simplex Scale Control System

Duplex Parallel

Excalibur Commercial Duplex Parallel Scale Control System

Triplex Parallel

Excalibur Commercial Triplex Parallel Scale Control System

Quadplex Parallel

Excalibur Commercial Quadplex Parallel Scale Control System
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The Soft-Tec® scale control system’s reliability transforms the positively charged calcium ions into calcium crystals. These calcium crystals are stable and cannot attach to any surfaces and hardware as the calcium crystals are rinsed away by the water flow. The calcium crystals are so small that they can only be seen with a microscope; therefore the water behaves as if it were completely free of calcium.

Tests lasting several years prove that these calcium crystals do not attach to any kind of surface and the result was 100% scale control and prevention. Other ions can no longer attach to surfaces because of the structure of the surface created by the Soft-Tec® hardness stabilizer.

Pipes showing scale buildup inside.
Pipes showing no scale buildup inside.

The corrosion prevention works by adding a 30-micron protective layer to the surface of existing pipes and hardware. The Soft-Tec® specifications are calculated based on 75 grains per gallon or less.

The Soft-Tec® hardness stabilizer has a warranty of 5 years on all components and the complete system from defective components and workmanship. The maximum level of chlorine in your potable water supply must not exceed 3.0 ppm. All iron, hydrogen sulfide, and tannins must be removed prior to water flowing through Soft-Tec® scale control water conditioner. 

Soft-Tec® Water Conditioners keep scale in industrial process equipment under control. They are available in simplex (1 vessel), duplex (2 vessel), triplex (3 vessel) and quadplex (4 vessel) units.

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