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Commercial Projects

Excalibur water softeners installation at Millar Western Alberta.

Water Softening System for Millar Western Forest Products Manufacturer

This system was developed to soften the water by removing hard water minerals such as calcium and magnesium for production and operation at Millar Western Forest Products Ltd, located in Whitecourt, Alberta. 

Millar Western operates sawmills in Whitecourt and Fox Creek – a bleached chemi-thermo-mechanical pulp (BCTMP) mill in Whitecourt and, through the Spruceland Millworks operating division, a value-added specialty wood products facility in Acheson. Their woodlands team is responsible for supplying their mills with fibre that is sourced from sustainably managed forests located close to their mill operations.

Excalibur's Water Treatment Solution

Excalibur Water Systems Engineered two industrial-grade water softeners, one quadplex and the other duplex. Each progressive flow water softener delivering softened water during service and peak water flow demands.

Both systems utilize the Excalibur Water Systems 3 in control valve with outlet motorized no hard water isolation valve, external stainless steel flow meter, stainless drain flow housing with controlled flow washers, Aldex C-800 cation exchange resin side mount space controlled installation in stainless steel piping.

Excalibur progressive flow chemical removal system installation at Collective Arts Brewery.

Water Filtration System for Collective Arts Brewery

This system was developed to treat feedstock water for an Ontario-based brewer. The brewery, located in an urban area, uses water from the municipal water supply as feedstock to the brewing process. 

Excalibur's Preprocess Water Treatment Solution

Excalibur Water systems used their pre-engineered sixplex progressive flow water activated charcoal filter to handle varying capacity requirements and enhance reliability. The filter removes VOCs from the water (including chlorine) for neutral-tasting, odour-free water. 

Excalibur water filtration system installation at Kubota manufacturing plant.

Water Filtration System for Local Kubota Plant

This system was developed to treat feedstock water for a Kubota manufacturing plant. The plant used the municipal water supply for feedstock and the municipal sewer system to dispose of postprocess water. The municipal water supply was hard, tainted by chemicals (particularly chlorine used for disinfection), and enough TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) that the wastewater could not meet municipal requirements for total dissolved solids for a plant this size.

Excalibur's Water Treatment Solution

Excalibur Water systems created a system using off-the-shelf industrial-grade products – quadplex progressive flow water softener to handle varying capacity requirements and enhance reliability, a triplex progressive flow chemical filter to remove VOCs from the water (including chlorine), and a large Reverse Osmosis unit to reduce TDS in the input water. The chemical filter uses high purity carbon granules to remove organics (adsorption) and residual disinfectants (chemical reduction). The Reverse Osmosis system reduces TDS in the water to less than 5 ppm, which provided enough headroom for the plant to meet local environmental requirements. 

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