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Excalibur Commercial Sureflo Reverse Osmosis Clean-In-Place System

Sureflo™ Commercial Reverse Osmosis Clean-In-Place Systems

The Excalibur Clean-In-Place system facilitates the restoration of RO filter membranes by purging the foulants that develop during regular equipment operation. Doing so restores a degree of a filter membrane’s performance while eliminating the need to manually remove the membranes to clean them. CIP models can manage varying degrees of acidity and alkalinity, granting them versatility in handling different chemical cleaning solutions.

Each model is designed to industry conscience sets of specifications to meet operational requirements. All CIP models come standard with an appropriately sized holding tank, pump motor, multi-cartridge filter, valves, flow indicator, and an electrical control panel. The range of CIP models is offered in two configurations: Independent Skid-Mount and Integrated.

Skid Mounted: Skid Mounted CIP models are fabricated to fit on skids with the goal of occupying the least amount of space necessary for safe and effective equipment operation. These standalone skids can be outfitted with heavy-duty steel casters to allow independent movement of the equipment.

Integrated: Systemic CIP models can be ordered with their RO system equivalents on custom-made skids. Pump, filtration, and piping mounted on RO skid pre-piped and wired for CIP clean-in-place operation.

Models and Specifications

Model RO Permeate Flow Rate USGPM Tank Capacity Gallons Imp/US Skid Dimensions L x W x H Sipping Weight (lbs)
RO CIP1030 10 - 30 300/360 96" x 54" x 84" 1,000
RO CIP3560 35 - 60 300/360 96" x 54" x 84" 1,200
RO CIP6590 65 - 90 300/360 96" x 54" x 84" 1,500
RO CIP95150 90 - 150 500/600 108" x 75" x 104" 1,900
RO CIP160230 160 - 230 500/600 108" x 75" x 104" 2,300
RO CIP250350 250 - 350 850/1020 132" x 75" x 126" 2,900
RO CIP360450 360 - 450 850/1020 132" x 75" x 126" 3,500
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