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Twin Alternating Water Softeners

Excalibur Commercial EWS SD1210T Twin Alternating Water Softener

Excalibur Water Systems’ Twin Alternating Water Softeners utilize one twin control valve and slave tank with a piping boss kit. 

The Twin Alternating System provides an uninterrupted and continuous flow of soft water. One of the two resin tanks is always in service, while the other is in regeneration or stand-by.

When the softening capacity is reached in resin tank #1, the control valve will switch the tank from stand-by to service for resin tank #2. The tank containing the exhausted resin in tank #1 will then be regenerated and set to stand-by.

This process is controlled and operated with one control valve with an internal MAV design allowing for the alternating and regeneration of resin tanks delivering soft water.

Twin Alternating Water Softener Products

Excalibur Water Systems Twin Alternating Water Softeners are available for 1″ control valves and flow rates up to 27 gpm:

ST1 Series

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