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Commercial Reverse Osmosis Systems

Sureflo™ SFLC

Excalibur Commercial RO-SFLC3 Reverse Osmosis System - front view

Sureflo™ SFC

Excalibur Commercial RO-SFC18 Reverse Osmosis System - front view

Sureflo™ SFIN

Excalibur Commercial RO-SFIN Reverse Osmosis System - front view

Clean-In-Place (CIP)

Excalibur Commercial Sureflo Reverse Osmosis Clean-In-Place System

TDS (Total Dissolved Solids)

Water is known as a universal solvent has the ability to dissolve and absorb molecules from a number of substances. These dissolved particles in a volume of water are known as total dissolved solids measuring the total weight-based concentrations of contaminants that has two forms, organic and inorganic. These solids are primarily minerals, salts, heavy metals, and organic matter that can be utilized as a general indicator of water quality. 

The inorganic salt commonly found in TDS is categorized into two:

The most cost-effective way to reduce total dissolved solids (TDS) producing high quality water for a variety of commercial process uses is done by Reverse Osmosis. 

Reverse Osmosis

High feed water with TDS or conductivity causing increased operating costs is treated by Reverse Osmosis Systems removing up to 95-99% of inorganic compounds reducing total dissolved solids. 

Reverse Osmosis is a process in which dissolved inorganic solids such as salts are removed from water. This is accomplished by water pressure, pushing the feed water through a semipermeable membrane which will reduce your total dissolved solids.

Excalibur Water Systems Commercial Reverse Osmosis system offers a low pressure, energy saving design for commercial water purification applications for high purity process water. Nominal permeate flows ranging from 1 – 320 GPM (1,440 – 460,800 GPD). These units come standard with Excalibur Series 100, 150, and 200 controllers, inlet automatic valves, high pressure pumps, 5-micron pre-filtration, cost effective XLE-low energy TFC membranes, flow meters, pressure gauges, and other industry renowned components offering high efficiency purified water for your process.

On specified models we also offer optional pH and ORP instrumentation along with autoflush and permeate divert with CIP (clean-in place) connections for ease of membrane cleanings.

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