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Commercial Turbidity Filters


Excalibur Commercial EWS-FS1AG4 Simplex Turbidity Filter

Duplex Alternating

Excalibur Commercial EWS-FD1AG4 Duplex Alternating Turbidity Filter

Progressive Flow

Excalibur Commercial EWS-FSC12AG4 Duplex Progressive Turbidity Filter
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Turbidity is a general term for suspended (undissolved) matter in water that makes it appear cloudy.

Turbidity in surface water (lakes, streams) can be caused by fine sand, clay, dirt, or vegetable matter. Water from wells can be cloudy from clay, sand, oxidized iron, etc. Water systems (pipes and tanks) can add turbidity due to corrosion products. Tanks and mains may be filled with turbid water, which may settle out but later be put back in suspension by high flow rates through them. 

Excalibur Water Systems offers turbidity filtration for commercial applications with standard-engineered designs delivering turbidity-free filtered water for your process.

Excalibur Turbidity Filtration Systems are engineered and designed for trouble-free operation utilizing quality components, simple programming & electronics, corrosion-resistant mineral tanks, and high quality industry-proven catalytic & coconut shell acid-washed carbon media.

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